Monday, August 24, 2009

How to keep score on a baseball score card?

1 - Pitcher; 2 - Catcher; 3 - 1st Base; 4 - 2nd Base; 5 - 3rd Base; 6 - Shortstop; 7 - Left Field; 8 - Center Field; 9 - Right Field

You might be thinking, okay what does all those numbers mean? Well, one of my favorite things to do at ball games is to keep score. At first, I wanted something to do with my dad and thought, he knew how, he could teach me. Now, I have realized that people don't keep score as often as they used to. People are more for the entertainment and the in between innings prizes and contest that they forget that we paid to see baseball. It helps you truly become a baseball fan. It is not easy, but fun. To be honest, practice makes perfect. After one game, you should be able to keep score on your own

I could attempt to teach you, but rather, here are a few links to help guide you.

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phampants said...

you're such a baseball nerd. i love it! =)